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        Sunday, Aug 28th

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        ChangCe Thinktank or Sinosight Thinktank



        The mission of ChangCe Thinktank or Sinosight Thinktank is to promote social objective driven prosperity through public and private partnerships (PPP) by optimizing the synergy among government, academics, NGOs and businesses, with the aim of pooling collective wisdom and knowledge to deliver value added policy outputs that are win-win in the resource constrained society.

        Jobs Opportunities

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        Opening Position: Program Officer, Research Fellow / Assistant

        Leverage US resources to tap into China's business opportunities

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        Right now we don’t have enough entrepreneurs to provide enough free lunch for the global economy

        Low Carbon Technology and Policy in China Power Sector

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        ChangCe ThinktankIncreasing the share of non-fossil fuel based sources of energy, and promoting hydro, nuclear, wind and solar energy. The ultimate aim is to make the share of clean sources the largest in the total source package.

        Improving Electricity Pricing Policy and Facilitating the Healthy and Balanced Growth of the Renewable Energy Industry

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        Price determination, integration practices, distribution of surcharge revenue, and bookkeeping must all be subject to monitoring and supervision

        Leadership in the Electric Car Market

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        The electric car market needs genuine leadership so that the appropriate market structure and management model can be clearly defined. Who will provide this? And who will decide who will provide this?

        Cooperative Strategy for EV Battery Recharge (Replacement) Station Operators

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        Under existing policies regarding automobile manufacture credentials, market players such as recharge and replacement station operators and battery manufacturers can, despite having no credential to make automobiles, work in conjunction with entities, including universities and research organizations, with access to electric car assembling technologies

        Inclusive Growth and Carbon Tax

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        ChangCe Thinktankthrough comparison among four options, we suggest that carbon tax reform start with that of the consumption tax

        Low Carbon Automobile in China: Policy Frontier and Prospects Forecast

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        Driven by market mechanisms and government policies, the automobile industry in China will usher in a “Low-Carbon Era”. Although the market demand for new energy vehicle remains unclear, the national supportive policies and relevant laws, regulations and standards still need to be improved, the key technologies such as power cell technology urgently require for thorough research & development, the new energy vehicles will finally achieve perfection through trials and errors, constantly expand the market, and lead on low carbon economy

        Summary Report of Legislative Research on China’s Business Membership Organizations

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        The report concludes with three written framework proposals and draft proposals on the formulation of provisions on business associations. It also provides four revisions to the existing Provisions on Registration Management of Social Associations

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